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Watermelon Lust - life♥long♥trust
Friends Together For...Life
Watermelon Lust
Weird title? Yeah, that's me. Kinda like Fall Out Boy (gag) and Panic! At The Disco, with their awesome songs and titles that have absolutely nothing to do with the song. :P

This is my friends journal. Why is it called, 'life♥long♥trust'? Because, I will love (And trust) these guys until death, and my old friends from Mosquito land can die. Well, they are cool. But, totally jumped on the emo bandwagon and cut their hair, dyed it, and even act emo. Sickening.

Hope that Meredith, Carolyn and even Katie jump onto this awesome idea of mine (even though I have had better) and post along with me!

<3 Sarah
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