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Can Opener - life♥long♥trust
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Can Opener
There is something that I have always wondered. Why do people always find out things that are SUPER private, then just tell everyone?

Read about it Here:

She goes ahead and practically tells everyone in my family that I read at night. I was like, yeah whatever because she does it too. But, my parents go ahead and punish me because Tash is always right and never gets punished for anything. She will kill the WHOLE FUCKING TOWN and Mom and Dad would ground her for two days and everything's OK. Well, HAHA on you guys, cuz I don't give a shit. :P HAHAHA!!! I'm gonna get her one of these days. Even though she steals cell phones, lies to her parents continuously and even SNATCHES UNDERWEAR...I'm gonna get her. Good.

This is going to be like any other Summer Day. I am going to get up, eat, go on the computer all day, then bail for supper. Isn't that totally exciting??? No. I wish someone that I actually want to talk to comes on MSN. *sigh*

<3 Sarah

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